How To Write a Press Release for Any Occasion (with templates and examples)

Breaking News

This is anything the organization wants (or needs) to formally announce to the public. Whether it’s news that will boost their brand reputation, provide practical information to stakeholders, or introduce the public to a new initiative, these press releases provide all the basic information needed to help journalists break the story and keep organizations transparent.

Canada legalizes cannabis[9] – Government of Canada, 2018

Lancaster University helps students with albinism in Tanzania[10] – Lancaster University, 2018

Crisis Communications

When a crisis strikes[11], it’s important to be open, honest, and ahead of the story. Organizations can use press releases as part of a crisis management strategy to clarify the facts, apologize, and/or emphasize the actions they have taken in the aftermath. Many organizations will also issue a statement to support these efforts.

A statement is not the same thing as a press release. Statements are reactionary, immediate, and do not follow a particular format. Think of a quick “We know this happened, we are sorry, we are working on it” from a company’s CEO. Many companies will use a two-pronged approach by issuing a statement to apologize and address the situation immediately, followed by a press release to focus entirely on how the company is moving forward. (See the Starbucks example, issued after this incident[12]).

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