How To Write a Press Release for Any Occasion (with templates and examples)


Award recognition and accolades give organizations an excuse to flaunt their stuff and share their successes with the world. Whether they are trying to attract talent, customers, or simply bolster their brand and reputation, organizations will often use a press release to help spread the good news.

Bulldog PR Award Winners Announced[23] – Agility PR Solutions, 2018

Egg Farmers of Canada named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures[24] – Egg Farmers of Canada, 2017


Whether they’re released by research institutions (i.e. universities, research foundations etc.) or brands who simply got curious and took it upon themselves to look into things, releasing interesting research is a great way to cultivate brand interest, drive action, and position an organization as a thought leader.

IPCC reports global warming findings[25] – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2018

New Study: Wild Tiger Populations Could Triple[26] – World Wildlife Federation, 2018

New Hires

When companies make an important senior management change, they’ll often leverage their new hires as a marketing tool. An organization’s senior management is often tied closely with its brand, and new blood or even a shakeup, can bring with it opportunities for publicity, brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and more.

Agility PR Solutions Expands Workforce[27] – Agility PR Solutions, 2018

Dhivya Suryadevara is GM’s new CFO[28] – General Motors Co., 2018


To make a formal declaration and to help customers and stakeholders make the transition, organizations will often issue a press release when they are undergoing a visual re-branding. This allows them to prepare audiences and let them know what to look for moving forward.

New chapter for Canadian Blood Services[29] – Canadian Blood Services, 2018

Dropbox unveils colourful new look[30] – Dropbox, 2017

Go forth and distribute!

And there you have it! Along with our Anatomy of a Press Release Guide and Template[31], you should have everything you need to write your own press release and start chasing some well-deserved publicity.

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