How To Write a Press Release for Any Occasion (with templates and examples)


Once the press release is distributed, it is usually given a permanent place to “live” online where it can be accessed in the future by journalists, stakeholders, or anybody else looking for information. Many organizations have a “Media” or “News” section of their website where all their releases are posted. If a company wants to support their distribution and SEO efforts, or they don’t have the resources to post to their own website, they may also decide to post their release to an external newsroom[7].

newsroom example

Agility PR Solutions’ newsroom.

Types of Press Releases

Now that we’ve covered the basic logistics of a press release, you may be wondering: when should I write and share a press release?

Organizations can use press releases to communicate all kinds of messages, but generally, they’ll fall into one of several categories. Browse through this section to get a feel for some of the most common press releases, along with specific examples to get familiar with the content and style of each. Then, download our Anatomy of a Press Release Guide and Template to create your own[8].

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