How To Write a Press Release for Any Occasion (with templates and examples)

  • Detailed breakdown of press release components
  • Basic press release layout
  • Tips and tricks on writing an effective press release
  • A press release template worksheet – Simply plug your information into this pre-formatted, customizable template and voila! Instant press release.


Once the press release is written, it needs to be distributed. This can be done in multiple ways.

1) Targeted Media Pitches

  • Send the press release to targeted journalists along with a personalized pitch to encourage them to read the release and turn the information into a published news story. This can be done by researching contacts individually, or with the help of a media database[4].

2) Wire Services

  • News wire services[5] distribute their clients’ press releases to a large, broad network of journalists. Similar to a job board, the wire provides a platform where press releases can be posted and then found by any journalist checking the wire that day for a story idea.

3) Social Media and Owned Channels

  • Organizations will often also post their press releases on social media channels (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) and send them to their internal distribution lists (i.e. email newsletters).

Depending on your goals, you can use any combination of these distribution methods. Whatever you choose, once your release is out here, it’ll be up to you to do any necessary follow-up with the media. Ideally, you’ll be busy responding to journalist requests, or eagerly engaging in some media monitoring[6] to track the coverage your release scores!


Once the press release is distributed, it is usually given a permanent place to “live” online where it can be accessed in the future by journalists, stakeholders, or anybody else looking for information. Many organizations have a “Media” or “News” section of their website where all their releases are posted. If a company wants to support their distribution and SEO efforts, or they don’t have the resources to post to their own website, they may also decide to post their release to an external newsroom[7].

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