Creating a Press Release Page in Content Editor

Creating a Press Release Page

  1. Log into Sitecore[1].
  2. Navigate to the Press Release section using the content tree.
    Example: SDE > Press Room > Press Releases > 2018.
    Create a Press Release from the Content Editor
  3. Select the Agency Press Release button (or right-click on the 2018 folder to insert a press release page. A dialogue box appears with 3 options:
    • Press Sub Folder – Creates a subfolder, under the Year folder, to add and organize press release items under.
    • Agency Press Release – Generates an SDE Press Release template to add the press release content into.
    • Blurb – Creates a link to an external website or document.
  4. Enter the press release title.

    1. Special characters are NOT allowed, but can be inserted once the page is generated.

The Press Release page will display in the right window pane in Edit mode, already Checked Out, locked, and ready to edit.

Press Release page from Content Editor

Edit Date Published

  1. Select the date published dropdown.
  2. The Date dialog box will open.
  3. Select the date on the calendar to change the date.
  4. Select OK.
  5.  Select the Save Save icon icon.

Edit Press Release Header (Seal Image)

  1. Select the Browse link.
  2. Navigate to the SDE folder in the Media Library and select the image to display.
  3. Click the Select button to insert the image.
  4.  Select the Save Save icon icon.


Edit Sub Title

  1. Select the [No text in field] text to display the toolbox.
  2. Enter in the subtitle content. Special characters are permitted.
  3.  Select the Save Save icon icon.

Edit Contact Info

  1. Select the Show Editor link to launch the Rich Text Editor.
  2. Enter in contact name, email address, and a phone number.
    Contact Name, Title
    Phone: (555) 555-5555

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